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We deliver accurate prospect data, inside sales prospecting strategy, and buyer enablement tools all in service to our core belief that we are the right B2B partner to increase your sales and grow your brand.

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Our Story


Flobile was created as a subsidiary of CAP Digisoft Solutions, Inc. in 2004 by Arun Kumar. Arun has spent a decade and a half focused on making sure Flobile provides the accurate prospect data that inside sales teams relied on.

From the very start, though, we’ve known that prospect data was only the beginning of a long-term vision to be one of the most valued B2B partners in the industry. Over the years we’ve worked toward that goal and strived to add meaningful, data-driven solutions to our repertoire including ongoing data governance, inside sales prospecting strategy, email nurture and content strategy, and in 2019, bringing all of our knowledge, expertise, and resources together to deliver our B2B buyer enablement services.

Today Flobile employs over 300 people globally and as we enter a new decade we’re looking forward to developing new ways to give businesses the freedom to let their inside sales teams focus on what they do best, by providing gold-standard B2B prospect and buyer enablement support.

Our Expertise


Software Development

Over the past 15 years, Flobile has developed a robust team with extensive skillsets.                                                                         


IT Infrastructure

Starting in 2006 through 2008 we created a software development team and the IT infrastructure to support it, developing, launching and later selling an e-discovery software company.


Data Services

In 2010 we developed data services capabilities to handle big data collection, research, and analytics for multiple enterprise-level research firms, reviewing millions of pages and analyzing terabytes of data.


Web & Mobile App Development

In 2012 we added web and mobile development teams and developed thousands of websites, including critical websites for the US federal government and state counties. Three years later in 2015, we added our sales and marketing strategy solutions, consulting and managing large-scale digital media campaigns for mid-size and larger corporations.


Sales & Marketing Strategy

Over the past 10 years, we’ve also developed a product launch skillset, creating and launching not only our own products but many client products as well.


Product Launch

Finally, in 2019, we have brought all of our expertise and resources together to bring our B2B buyer enablement services to businesses across the US.

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