Ongoing Prospect Database Verification Services

FLOBILE’s data governance provides scheduled periodic reviews of prospect data, decision-maker accuracy, inaccurate contact information due to decision-maker changes, email campaign responses and bounces and other touchpoints to ensure ongoing database accuracy.



Prospect data is in a constant state of change.

Most businesses don’t spend the resources to verify their leads, and even when they do there’s no team to maintain it. Emails change, employees come and go, and new businesses pop up every day. Are those changes reflected in your data?

Prospect Data


of all CEOs change
per year

Outdated Email Addresses


of email addresses become outdated per year

New Business


new businesses open their
doors every hour



Flobile’s data governance acts as a shield against data integrity that is constantly degrading.

Flobile doesn’t just cleanse your initial data and then leave you wondering how long your database will maintain its accuracy. We monitor prospect data, review email campaign bounces and auto-responses and perform scheduled periodic verification of key decision-maker contact information. We work with your inside sales team to rehabilitate unreachable contacts, and integrate with your CRM to update the information before you ever make a call - letting you focus on making connections and closing sales.

Your organization benefits from

Data Confidence and Productivity


increase in data confidence
and productivity

Verified Prospect Data


verified prospect data according
to your requirements

Accurate Data

More sales opportunities due
to accurate data

Real Time Data Monitoring

Peace of mind with Flobile’s real-time
data monitoring

What can we do for you?

Do you have a team constantly making sure your prospect data is up to date? How many sales opportunities is your business losing because of inaccurate and unverified data?

Let Flobile conduct a no-obligation audit of a sample of your prospect data to show you how your inside sales team’s productivity, effectiveness, and potential sales opportunities could benefit from a proactive data governance plan.

Ready to maximise the potential of your prospect leads?

Let’s talk!

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