B2B Prospect Database Evaluation Services

FLOBILE is the only solution that cleanses CRM data and third-party data lists to 99% accuracy.



Your organization’s current data health profile

Unreliable Prospect Data


companies have unreliable prospect data

Accurate Prospect Data


businesses suspect their customer and
prospect data is inaccurate

Most Inside Sales Systems

Inside Sales

Supervisor assigns
leads to inside sales

Data Verification

Inside sales spends 40% of their time on data verification/research

Inside Sales Times

Inside sales time spent on sales calls reduced to 60%

These problems could cost your organization

Less Potential Revenue


less potential revenue solely from
using bad prospect data

Bad Prospect Data


per lead as the cost of doing nothing
about bad prospect data



Flobile’s data scientists partner with your inside sales team and takes over the time-consuming job of research and verification.

We evaluate your current CRM data or third party lists and provide you with accurate influencer and decision-maker contact information. We will make the phone calls to verify and collect additional data points before you spend any time making outbound sales calls or spend any money on marketing efforts.

With Flobile’s Data Evaluation Services

Data Evaluation Services
Inside Sales

Supervisor assigns lead to Flobile

Data Verification

Flobile data scientists research your list and provide tested, verified data

Call Center Executive

Flobile call center executives contact and verify additional data points and assigns to inside sales

Inside Sales Times

Inside sales can confidently spend 100% of their time making outbound sales calls

Cleansed and Verified Prospect Data


cleansed and verified prospect
data in your CRM

Cleansing and Verification


cleansing and verification of
your 3rd party data lists

Inside Sales Productivity


increase in inside sales productivity

What can we do for you?

How many sales opportunities is your business losing because of inaccurate and unverified data?

Let Flobile conduct a no-obligation audit to show you how your inside sales team’s productivity, effectiveness, and potential sales opportunities can be improved.

Ready to maximise the potential of your prospect leads?

Let’s talk!

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