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FLOBILE makes sure you’re staying in front of your prospects, building awareness, and ushering them through a buyer’s journey to conversion.

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Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing channels out there but it can be disjointed

Significant challenges and obstacles face organizations looking to implement an effective nurture campaign including the lack of cohesive strategy to use email campaigns alongside landing pages, the lack of constant monitoring or the ability to optimize a message mid-stream.

Follow-up Email Sequences

Lack of compelling follow-up email sequences

Eye-catching Content

Lack of eye-catching content

Email Market Best Practices

Unaware of email marketing best practices

Email Tracking Tools and Analytics

Lack of email tracking tools and analytics

Modern Spam Filters

Lack of ability to make it through modern spam filters

Disconnected Messaging Across Emails

Disconnected messaging across emails and landing pages



Flobile’s email marketing expertise and strategy make certain your emails make a positive impact on their buying decision.

We partner with your inside sales and marketing teams to establish a cohesive email marketing strategy including auto emails, smart sequences, messaging, email media, high-performing landing pages, analytics tracking, and A/B testing. We also monitor hard and soft bounces to keep your email infrastructure healthy and compliant.

Organizations with a well-planned nurture strategy experience

More Opportunities


more opportunities

More Sales


more sales

Less Cost


less cost

Your organization benefits from

Automated Tracking of Mail Insights

Automated tracking of mail insights

Sales Team Behavioral Analysis

Sales team behavioral analysis

Nurture Email Sequences and Follow-ups

Nurture email sequences and follow-ups

Maintain your Email Platform Compliance

Maintain your email platform compliance

What can we do for you?

Email marketing is only one part of an outreach strategy for your prospects. You also need the assets and the analytics to make messaging changes when the data calls for it.

Flobile can do an audit of your existing email strategy and provide a detailed audit report, as well as design a complimentary pilot sequence to show you what an effective nurture strategy can do for you.

Ready to stay top-of-mind with an effective, agile nurture strategy?

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