Inside Sales Prospecting

FLOBILE helps you engage with your prospects intelligently and effectively.



Businesses often have an inside sales team that is less
effective and less productive

Marketing teams are not always available to support inside sales due to other non-sales responsibilities and most of the time sales teams are not trained on how to use marketing assets.

Inside sales team efficiency can suffer because they don’t have a well-planned buyer engagement strategy to make it easy for their leads to make the journey from prospect to customer.

Marketing Leads


of marketing leads never convert

Because marketing teams aren’t taking advantage of tools to make their messages more compelling, or to track what stage of the buyer’s journey their prospects are in.

Less Effective and Less Productive


of web visitors aren’t ready to buy

This is even more reason businesses need to make sure they are doing everything they can to stay in front of those prospects with a strategy to track continued communication.



Flobile creates an omni-channel follow-up strategy
for each stage of the buyer journey

We also determine the most effective channels to reach your target prospects. We create robust messaging frameworks, in partnership with your marketing team if you have one, that will optimize engagement and ensure the effective use of your digital platforms and outreach.

Customized Responses

Customized responses and updates via phone, text message, social media

Nurture your Leads

Direct physical mail to nurture your leads

Auditing and Discovery

Auditing and discovery of marketing assets and collateral

Data Driven Insights

Data Driven insights – Quantitative and experimental

Engagement and Outreach

Customized robust messaging frameworks to optimize engagement and outreach

Customized Follow-up Message Sequences

Customized follow-up message sequences to shorten your sales process cycle

Customized On-brand Content

Customized on-brand content with optimized search terms to drive conversions

What can we do for you?

How much business are you losing because you’re not using an effective strategy or sharing the right content with your prospects at the right time?

Let Flobile conduct a no-obligation audit of your marketing assets application to show you how your inside sales team’s productivity, effectiveness, and potential sales opportunities can be improved.

Ready to engage with your prospects with compelling assets and strategy?

Let’s talk!

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