Direct Seats

Direct Seats contracted us to work as an extended promotional arm and brand management team. Our primary objectives were to create top of the mind purchasing decision and to build a loyal customer base. In order to reach those objectives, we started by developing an engaging customer web experience via a user-friendly navigation across multiple devices which offered convenience that was unmatched by competition. We then supported our digital presence through the launch of email and Facebook campaigns.


Success had a front row seat as the brand produced $15 million monthly within the first three months and increased their Facebook followers to 6,000 in the first two years. The brand reached not only the local market but the global market as well.


Directs Seats, established in 2012 is a Dallas- based ticket brokerage. With over 80,000 events worldwide, Direct Seats maintains on-time delivery and premium customer experience. Their competitive edge allows any user to quickly find an event of any kind and make a purchase up to an hour before with 100% authentication guaranteed.

As a newly launched platform, the biggest challenge would be building traffic to the site and retaining users over time. Laying down the foundation for success began with researching the competitors and how to attract customers. We wanted to focus on bringing in quality customers and structure how they would buy once they chose their event on the website.

Creating A Unique Customer Experience

Direct Seats chose us to be their marketing partner to create top of the mind purchasing decision and to build a loyal customer base. We secured a premium domain name and began the process of building a unique customer experience. By designing a friendly custom mobile application, users could gain access to the website at any time, using any device.

To increase inbound, we decided to launch two different campaigns; an email and Facebook campaign. We positioned these campaigns to bring in new customers and incentives to buy from the brand. Along with the development of the campaigns, we wanted Direct Seats to have more of a presence on Facebook so we created a Facebook community page which we would manage daily.


We also believed Craigslist would be a useful selling tool for tickets so advertising would be placed on the site to bring in quality customers.

Direct Seats Delivers

The campaigns brought an increase of customers as well as enhanced their Facebook followers to over 6,000 in two years.

Direct Seats was highly satisfied in their success and looks to us for future marketing support.

What we did

  • Promotional arm
  • Brand management
  • Build a loyal customer base
  • Email and Facebook campaigns

$15 Million

Sales quickly increased within the first three months, averaging $15 million monthly. The Direct Seats launch was a success.

By six months customer acquisition cost decreased by 50%. Direct Seats has maintained a trustworthy relationship with their customers who remain loyal and engaged.