Why is SDR Outsourcing Vital to Leverage Growth?

Why is SDR Outsourcing Vital to Leverage Growth?

A Sales Development Representative (SDR) team contributes to your pipeline by dedicating exclusively to top-of-the-funnel activities. They concentrate exclusively on building the pipeline, researching leads, cold calling, setting appointments, and much more! They can give your team timely feedback as they know whether or not your marketing and sales strategies are working.

Instead of spending the time, money, and resources on building an in-house team, you can gain access to a group of trained and thoroughly vetted professionals when you outsource your SDRs. You are more likely to accelerate the sales cycle when you put professionals with your leads early on in the process. Because when you hire internally, they’re often new to structure and calls that can cost you big down the line.

While your outsourced SDR team is following up on people, researching pain points, setting up appointments, and generating qualified leads, you are left with more time to focus on other critical sales activities. You will start seeing the results much faster as onboarding and training will be minimal as they are experts in having meaningful conversations with decision-makers.

The top 5 benefits of SDR outsourcing:

1. Balances costs and resources

Your internal sales team can focus on the close as your outsourced SDR team takes care of the rest. These SDRs can pass along insights and knowledge about each new lead that’ll get you to the sales faster by driving critical sales conversations. Outsourcing SDRs is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to stuff your sales pipeline with qualified leads. The ramp-up time is extremely fast when you outsource to a competent leading-edge company. You can simply shed the extra burden off your sales representatives.

2. Increases your access to technology

When you hire an outsourced sales company, you also gain access to all their technologies. Most outsourced teams work with several automated systems and technologies that can help you get the most value of it. There goes hand-in-hand a whole new suite of technologies with SDRs such as CRM’s, automation software, sales intel tools, analytics, and tracking tools. Also, the appointment-setting services SDR outsourcing companies provide will keep your sales pipeline simple and streamlined. This way, you can avoid spending on purchasing, paying license fees, or training anyone to use yours.

3. Strategic growth

Your company can be positioned for quick growth by hiring an outsourced sales team with an exemplary focus on getting the highest quality leads with velocity-based approaches. We all expect to deliver more with less resources in today’s fast-paced, digital world. Increased revenue goals need not always be associated with increased internal headcount. You can create the space needed to plan for future growth and operate at a greater capacity while letting your SDR team focus on accelerating strategic sales growth to support your revenue goals.

4. Scalability and flexibility

Outsourced sales teams are flexible. A company’s changing priorities can be met by outsourced SDR teams who scale up or down to tackle more than one initiative at a time. They can provide a deeper understanding of your market by digging into your data analytics. This helps companies learn new things about their market’s needs and pivot quickly as they update their product.

The perks of using an outsourced sales team are that it allows you to enhance your products to deliver the best customer experience possible with the feedback that has been fed to your product development team by your SDRs from their sales conversations.

5. Entry into new markets

Maintaining your current operations can take more time than you have when you navigate into the geo-specific dynamics of your new market. An SDR partner will help you identify and mitigate issues, regulate requirements, streamline your expansion process, take care of the local hiring and staffing policies for you.

New markets can be incredibly complex to navigate, validate, and test. When your product has a longer sales period or is complex, this expedited ramp-up is really important and outsourced SDRs can help organizations leverage specific verticals or geographic markets quickly. With all these in place, you’ll find yourself a step closer to successful ROI with a lot of time saved.

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