Top 5 Ways to Enhance Your Email Campaign Content

Top 5 Ways to Enhance Your Email Campaign Content

125 billion emails are sent every day. More than any marketing channel, emails have proven to drive the highest ROI. And to stay on top of the bell curve requires that companies have both a creative and an analytical eye. To achieve sales goals, keeping up with trends is indispensable. 

On average, the first thing 58% of adults do immediately after waking up is to check their email.

There are several guidelines and best practices for creating an outstanding email that cuts through the noise. Here are 5 proven tactics that can dramatically improve the results for your email campaigns.

1. Subject line

35% of people decide whether or not to open an email after reading the subject line alone. And the promotional success of email marketing strategy relies on being able to craft a subject line that walks the line between being compelling, but not too salesy. Everybody’s inbox is bombarded with dozens if not hundreds of emails every day, all of which are competing for the recipient’s attention. If the subject field doesn’t grab their attention immediately, they simply move on to the next message even though the main body may contain valuable or useful information. 

Subject lines are very much vital to increase click-through rates. Subject lines that are unique and interesting with 50 characters or less have 12% higher open rates and 75% higher click-through rates as compared to subject lines that are longer. 

The best practice for subject lines is to craft one that contains a promise of value. In other words, the subject line should convince the recipient that the email contains valuable information that will improve business.

2. Headlines 

Headlines speak louder than content. While 73% of millennials confess emails to be their preferred means of business communication, an attractive headline is a key to open the doors for the prospects to further read through the content. 

Headlines are what grabs the eye when first opening the email – it’s the invitation to the rest of the content. If you have email content that’s going out the hundreds or thousands of prospects, but none of them ever convert into sales or leads, the investment and the email marketing efforts that go along with it are simply flushed down the drain – and there are no businesses that would want this to happen. 

The best practice is to make sure the headline sounds personal. It compels the customers to read through the content. Sometimes using a reverse content in the headline might quickly grab attention. 

3. Personalized content

Customers vary in tastes, preferences, and interests. Expecting them to be happy with a one-size-fits-all solution is an exercise in futility. 

58% of all revenue is generated through segmented and targeted emails. Here is why focusing on creating different customer segments based on their interest and demographics is vital. These segments can be used to send prospects offers and information that is more relevant and tailored to their interests and needs.

Transaction rates are produced 6X as much using personalized emails  but going that extra mile with actionable content will enhance the engagement with your campaigns – the quality of the content is directly proportional to the success rate. 

The best content provides customers with information about the pain point they have been experiencing – otherwise, it’s likely they wouldn’t even open the email in the first place. Companies need to be aware of their goal and what the expectations are for email campaigns. Is the goal brand awareness? Higher sales numbers for the next quarter?

Without a clear goal, any ROI from the email marketing campaign with disappear like a puff of smoke.

4. Infographics and videos

When we’re focused on creating engaging content for the emails we tend to forget that there are other pieces related to the content that can help draw in an audience – infographics and videos. The human brain is more attracted to visuals than texts. Scientifically, 90% of the data that enters the brain is visual, and adding videos into an email increases the click-through rate by 300%. 

An average office worker receives around 121 emails a day and it’s not a small feat to create a conversion out of those emails. An email that incorporates infographics and videos has more of a chance of boosting understanding than emails that don’t.

5. CTA – Call To Action

CTA – A button or section of text that invites responses through an appeal to action. 48% of all visitors are converted into leads through a CTA.

CTAs can range from short requests to complete an action such as:

  • Respond with 1, 2 or 3
  • Read more about
  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • Try our product now

These CTAs can be placed anywhere within an email, but perform best when they are expanded and pulled out of the main content. Like any other good content, a well-presented CTA can get increase the click-through rate. Calling out the CTA using visuals and attractive colors can also help to grab attention. 

Make sure to test your CTA and measure response constantly to analyze what resonates the most with your prospects.

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