Personalization at Every Experience on the Buyer’s Journey

Personalization at Every Experience on the Buyer’s Journey

Personalization generates the positive feelings you want your audience to experience when they think of your brand and helps you guide your customers in every step of their buyer journey.

Personalization doesn’t end with adding names to automated emails. More than that, it increases the brand-customer bond and marketers should employ a complete armament of personalizing techniques.

Without understanding the customer’s needs through each part of the funnel, it’s impossible to effectively position yourself as a viable solution to their problems.

It’s an extremely useful form of targeted marketing that aims to reach audiences with the exact solutions they’re searching for. It creates a one-on-one experience by speaking more directly with each individual.

Establishing the first connection via business platform

The first line of the initial connection message is the gateway to successful future communications. So, before you actually approach a prospect, research them on social media and business platforms.

50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn as their primary business platform. This is where you should concentrate first if you are looking to establish a connection with your prospects. 

LinkedIn helps you understand who your prospects are beyond just a name and a title. This information can come in handy when you craft your sales pitch. 

The prospects you connect to directly on LinkedIn are your “first-degree” connections.

Send them personalized text messages appreciating or asking them about their business. Emphasize your interest to hear from them and establish a line of conversation and drive them to your website.

Cold calling–outbound marketing and sales

Cold calling is an art that can turn the tide with a conversation. It’s not a methodology that works by simply replicating a template or a script. It’s the skill of responding and acknowledging the needs of prospects, understanding the pulse and tone of the buyer, based on the position in the company and their interests.

Be vigilant and particular in identifying a prospect’s pain points. Always connect with the lead or prospect with information that is of value to them, or a note of appreciation that convinces the buyer to continue the conversation – ask open-ended questions to get them talking. 

Show them how your product or service can make their life easier. Opening with a compliment of one of your prospect’s recent victories, or shooting them with a question about their last project is a straightforward, effective way to segment your prospect for personalization and it creates a positive vibe. Engage with them directly to see the bigger picture.

The point of calling isn’t really to get them committed to you right away. It’s a first hit to set up an in-depth connection at a later time.

Cold calling is an art that establishes the initial trust factor and takes the buyers journey to the next stage – if a cold call fails, everything that follows becomes much more difficult.

Personalized emails

Using consumer-owned content is the key to personalized buyer journeys. Depending on the action he/she takes with your business, serve them with a personalized email.

Serving a buyer with content that includes personalized references to any post they have made on their professional social media is attention-grabbing.

Create a personal touch by adding information with a note of appreciation that adds value to the buyer and his business and make sure he is aware of your business by focusing on the benefits that your products or service can provide.

Personalized physical mails

Get in touch with your prospects with a postcard or collateral materials as proof of value and introduction to your business and services that provide value to the buyer. These can go a long way.

Exclusive calendars, greetings, and coupon codes are all great ways to show them that you want them to get the most out of your brand. For example, you can invite them to engage in conferences with other customers in new and different ways by sending them a physical invitation card.

When you continue communicating with your prospects, you’re showing them you want them to be successful.

Prospects appreciate the extra time you have taken to send them personalized communications on special occasions.


Once your prospect is familiar with your brand, provide even more targeted messages that address their pain points, interests, and endorsements towards groups and communities. 

Personalize landing pages to show them relevant content. Serve them with valuable digital ads through retargeting through the website.

Pitch yourself as though you are trying to provide them with a solution rather than simply trying to make a sale. 

Considerations and factors

Buyers always want to feel like they are being taken care of. Show them your customer success stories. Testimonials and customer reviews can help paint a picture for prospects by proving to them your solution has worked for other people with pain points that are similar to their own. 

Doing so will help your potential customers identify how much you can grow their business.

Personalized strategy

Create a win-win situation by creating uniqueness in prospect communication, based on their business and how you can bring back their ROI within their timeline. Consider leaving behind some promotional materials that are personal and practical. This helps them open up to you.

Offer free trials – a free trial offer is one of the most effective ways to build a relationship between your prospect and your brand that also has added value for the prospect and demonstrates how your product can help them.

Also, consider that your relationship does not end after you make the sale. Continue sending notes and cards to remind leads that you are available – send reminders of upcoming products, events, or webinars that would be of value to them.

Personalization isn’t something you do once and never return to. It’s definitely not a “set it and forget it” kind of a strategy.

Review your process periodically and make the changes needed by keeping track of analytics and identifying and fixing the elements that aren’t working.

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