How to Stay Out of the Spam Folder with Effective Email Nurturing

How to Stay Out of the Spam Folder with Effective Email Nurturing

Email nurturing sounds easy enough. But the actual job of authoring amazing emails that grab attention, get opened, and earn clicks? That’s another story.

  • The average email open rate is less than 15% across all industries
  • The average click rate is just 2.5%
  • Only 20-30% of subscribers who open an email will click a link

In other words, in an email list with 100 subscribers, only about 15 will open the email. Of those 15, only 5 people will click one of the links – and that’s at maximum.

It doesn’t help that the average office worker receives nearly 100 emails every day – it’s understandable that most of those emails go straight into the recycle bin.

In order for sales and marketing emails to get noticed it’s critical for businesses to break through the corporate doublespeak and craft emails that follow these 6 best-practices.

6 Steps to Effective Email Nurturing

1. Don’t Send the Same Email to an Entire List

Research shows that 85% of B2B buyers expect companies to personalize the very first interaction. If they don’t, buyers say they’ll look elsewhere for solutions.

By breaking a list up into different segments based on firmographic data – like company name, buying stage, and job role – and sending personalized content, email open rates can jump by 40% or more.

2. Write Compelling Headlines

Making waves in a sea of 100 email subject lines isn’t an easy task. Research shows that 83% of B2B buyers say the key to winning their business is treating them like a human being – not another number.

Without resorting to clickbait (which can trigger spam filters), write subject lines that sound more like a message from a friend or colleague rather than a corporation.

3. Automate Lead Nurturing Emails

AI makes it super simple to set up automated email nurturing campaigns. Plus, they deliver some of the highest open and click rates.

With high-level prospect data, it’s easy to identify what time of day a subscriber is active and most likely to open an email, which type of content they’ll like, and other information that can help craft relevant content.

4. Write Conversational and Concise Copy

Keep the conversation flowing. While writing emails, imagine speaking to one single person – not dozens or hundreds. Using this strategy, the email will naturally sound more conversational.

It’s also important to keep copy tight and concise. Make a point and give them a CTA. People are busy and they don’t have time to read a novel.

5. Use a Minimalist Layout and Design

Ready to be shocked? Only about 25% of an email should contain copy and visual elements. The other 75% should be nothing but a negative space to help guide readers around the email.

Keep in mind that about half of all emails are opened on mobile devices and if the design isn’t formatted correctly, over 70% of people will delete it within three seconds.

6. Commit to Regular Prospect Data Monitoring

37% of all email addresses change annually and 65% of businesses have massive problems with their databases. Routine prospect data monitoring and cleansing is critical to keep every email list clean and accurate.

Create Intelligent Content Fueled by Accurate Prospect Data

Flobile’s AI-driven, data scientist-developed product integrates with CRM and email service providers to verify and update data on a regular schedule. Flobile prospect data monitoring and email nurturing solutions help businesses stay out of the spam folder by creating content that gets opened and clicked.

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