How Chatbots Enhance the Buyer Experience

How Chatbots Enhance the Buyer Experience

Organizations have two choices – either run their business in the way it’s been done in the past, or evolve and meet the needs of modern buyers who are increasingly doing most of their research online. One of the best ways to interact online with those buyers is by implementing Chatbot technology.

Chatbots are known for increasing the time a visitor spends on a particular website – converting visitors into qualified leads. 

The brand voice of an organization needs to connect with people on a human level. 65% of customers say that they are emotionally connected to a brand they feel that cares. One-on-one interaction creates that personalized experience.

Chatbots are everywhere. The impact chatbots are having online are real and measurable. Selling with chatbots gives companies a flexible framework for creating a buying experience, and it’s estimated that 25% of customer interaction by 2020 will be via chatbot.

Chatbots – Ongoing queries until done.

There are three basic types of chatbots – Basic, AI, and Live. Basic bots follow pre-designed rules whereas the AI-type analyzes the user’s request and composes a reply by identifying intent and entities. The live bot is used by sales and marketing teams and can engage in a real-time conversation with the customers. 

Chatbots provide a two-way interaction on a website. When a customer visits a company’s website, the chatbot starts a conversation by asking the visitor a question. The visitor then responds to the question by choosing a response from various options provided. The conversation keeps going with the help of previously configured questions and responses until the visitor is satisfied and has received all the answers to his questions – and chatbots are available to customers 24/7/365.

Bots are effective and efficient, and the ease in which they function over other applications makes it a top pick by different organizations looking for ways to enhance their buyer experience. 

Bots tend to store a lot of customer data such as buying habits, past purchase history over time. The subsequent times a customer visits the store, the stored data is used to provide a flawless user experience. This data helps sites present the right advertisement to the customers at the right time – resulting in better conversion and sales.

Chatbots – Enhance your augmented buyer experience

Bots are the perfect fit for high-volume support inquiries. Marketers can put in a lot of effort to drive traffic to their website, only to see a low conversion for site traffic. Chatbots increase website conversion rates, generate more qualified leads and can use advanced logic to help improve sales acceleration.

Marketing and sales teams have a lot of pressure placed upon them to produce timely results. In today’s world, customers’ expectations for an easy buyer experience have increased, influenced by their experiences on B2C commerce sites. Customers expect instant solutions and answers to their queries with accuracy. This is where chatbots excel.

With thousands of websites available at a prospect’s fingertip, including many competing companies, a customer’s attention on one particular website can be very low. With attention spans being extremely short every second of their attention matters or your prospects may end up landing on your competitor’s site before converting. 

88% of buyers don’t return to a site after one bad experience. Chatbots reduce the time that customers spend on your site searching for the information they need about your product, which enhances the buyer experience. 

A successful business is the one that provides a high-percenta client satisfaction rate, which also helps spread organic positive word-of-mouth.

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Flobile helps sales teams create an engaging buyer journey to create a fluid conversation with qualified prospects. The innovative B2B buyer enablement process can lead to a 20% increase in sales opportunities and conversions.

Using a data scientist-developed AI system, Flobile allows businesses to build a meaningful relationship with their target audiences and create effective buyer journeys through omnichannel experiences. 

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