Get your brand checklist ready before spending resources on brand promotion

Get your brand checklist ready before spending resources on brand promotion

Marketers know how important it is that their potential and existing customers feel good about their brand. Customers expect a certain level of quality and value from your brand, and a sense of confidence while using your products. These expectations impact what your market buys.

Your brand must tell a memorable story about who you are, what you stand for, and why your brand is important.

Brand consistency sets and reinforces buyer expectations as it fosters clear, reliable, and strong touchpoints.

Here’s a short checklist for effective branding:


The importance of the website extends to every corner of the digital marketing strategy as it’s the backbone of a company’s online presence. Every piece of content, communication, and advertisement that you put up online will work towards driving consumers back to your website. Your website must give a clear idea to your consumers about your brand as well as the types of products or services that you offer.


E-brochures are vital to every business as they allow customers to learn about your brand and the services you provide. Brochures provide customers with more specific details about your company, and provide a channel for effective communication. They are useful not only digitally, but as printed collateral and come handy when you cannot use your website as an explanation about your brand or service. They can be easily circulated and allows clients to feel informed and confident about your brand at each stage of their purchasing journey.

Business Cards

Business cards are one of the most overlooked yet extremely powerful parts of branding yet when implemented correctly. Visiting cards that contain all your contact details will ensure potential and returning customers have your information when they need it. They provide the perfect medium to write short notes about your brand and how can customers follow up with you specifically. Cards that have a blank space to write personalized notes to customers has more power in driving them back to you more than any marketing effort.

Online Banners

Though online banner ads are one of the oldest forms of advertising on the web, using them has a lot of advantages and is very cost-effective. They are effective in driving web traffic and sales and create positive reinforcement with your brand when prospects see them. It’s one of the best ways to keep your brand top-of-mind and also give you the freedom to portray your products in a way that effectively connects with your customers.


Incorporating videos into your branding strategy is a surefire way to create buzz on social media and spread awareness for your brand. Video marketing gives your customers a more rewarding and easier-to-consume message as it’s likely to help your updates land on your audience’s pages. An ever growing number of customers prefer learning about a product or brand through videos more than any other medium. Seeing your product or service in action within video content will surely enhance their willingness to further investigate your brand or service.

Promotional Gifts

In today’s digital world, physical, practical promotional products have become a solid piece in every company’s marketing strategy.

Promtional products deliver an opportunity to create an instant impression on potential customers.

People love free products and giveaways, and they’re a great reward for online contests.  Being able to provide these kinds of items to prospects and customers means having more people promoting your brand and also increases the possibility of generating word-of-mouth buzz. Promotional giveaways are one of the best ways to generate brand awareness and create business opportunities.

Trials or coupon codes

Trials and promo codes are an effective method to get customers involved with your brand or service. When you offer free trials or promo codes that offer a discount, it creates interest and compels your prospects to give your brand a change and try your product – Different codes can trigger discounts or trial offers with a ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ policy. Codes are also effective in tracking your marketing efforts.

Active communication channels

Effective communication and engagement with customers across various channels plays a vital role in informing and influencing customer behavior. The more you keep your brand active across different channels, the more attention you attract. Consistency is the key to active communication.

Responsive mailers (Physical and digital)

Mail is essential to keep the branding strategy consistent. Be it physical or digital, responsive mailers help build up the trust factor customers look for in any brand they give their loyalty to. Personalized mail plays a vital role in the marketing strategy of any business looking to give customers a sense of what they have to look forward to. Personalized email templates that convey your brand story work effectively in communicating with your customers one-on-one, driving them towards your brand and the values that you offer.

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