Creative Communication and its Effects on Buyer Enablement

Creative Communication and its Effects on Buyer Enablement

The main benefit of personalization is the ability to serve your customers with a one-to-one, relatable touch. It behooves every organization to try stepping into a customer’s shoes once in a while, to take a look at things from their perspective. Taking the time to do this can help to improve an organization’s marketing strategy and increase the effectiveness of your prospect approach.

The data clearly supports the usefulness of implementing personalization strategies into your marketing efforts – personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates.

Industry leaders are increasingly seeing that benefit and extolling the benefits of personalization.  

According to Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider Group, “If you want to cut through the fat and emerge as a brand your buyers want to engage with, your marketing has to seamlessly resonate with your buyer’s goals, interests, and preferences.”

Identify the Buyer

In order to differentiate and rise about the competition, businesses seem to be pulling out on all the stops when it comes to marketing. Within any industry is a cacophony of other voices competing for attention in a limited space. When thinking about what can make your voice distinctive, remember it all comes down to individuality. 

A target audience can be looked at as a collective group with shared interests and preferences. Identify the target audience by identifying the problems, priorities, objections, information channels, and the buying process that the audience shares.

While exposure is a key component of marketing, filtering the irrelevant audience from those who will find value in your message will not only save time but will save on marketing costs.

Idea Transformed into Content for Approaching the Buyer

Obviously, most companies expect their employees to have some level of creativity. However, when it comes down to finding success with your marketing team it’s vital to have a team that’s both creative and agile.

Finding prospects and converting them into leads is not an easy task. Developing and using a creative skillset in sales will open doors to new opportunities. Making an effort to step outside of comfort zones can be very rewarding.

One example of getting creative and thinking outside the box is setting up sales contests – creating contests that reward individual salespeople for converting prospects into leads provides a high ROI method to incentivize your sales staff.

Try to use multiple messages to present information for a particular product. Using more than one message, coming at prospects from multiple fronts, lets you more effectively cover the conversation, but allows you to see what messages work better than others making you even more effective with future messaging.

A great way for your message to really stick into the minds of prospects is by using innovative communication tools.

Instead of phone calls, consider using video chats to present the fact that you are innovative and forward-looking, and also leave a lasting impression. Be sure to try out new tools like Google Alerts, LinkedIn Premium, video messages, and new email templates to reach out to new prospects.

Instead of sending email blasts, try sending out personalized letters or postcards with a unique message that lets your prospects know you appreciate them.

Content Development on Buyer Perspective

The better you know your customers the easier it will be for you to develop content based on the buyer’s perspective. You should be able to provide the content that customers need at any stage of the buyer’s journey.

Whether you’re selling your product or promoting your service, you should be able to understand who your current and prospective buyers are and what is that they want and need – leveraging customer profiling to improve the relevance of the content. 

For example, interlinking content and personalized recommendations can help nurture a prospect through the buying process.

Using a personalized website, email and conversation can result in an ordinary customer converting into a loyal lead. Creating content that resonates well with your customers can be the difference between success and failure.

Digital Association

Personalizing your messaging helps in building a stronger and a more personal relationship with your customers. Show how much you care about your customers by showing gratitude – send an email wishing them a happy birthday, congratulate them on any of their recent achievements, or send them a ‘thank you’ email on the anniversary of them becoming a customer. You may be surprised how well emails like this can be received.

When you offer your prospects a truly personal experience through your marketing it gives an identity to your company as well as shows the human side of your business.

If this helps trigger a conversation, which it likely will, all the better. Including a working reply-to address in automated emails that obviously goes to an individual and not an automated inbox lets your customers know that your company is run by humans and not robots, and lets them shoot back questions and feedback.

Influencer Marketing Approach

Appearing in someone else’s article is a great way to establish yourself as an expert because someone else thought you were important enough to get a bit of advice from. Even better—having an influencer talk about your product or service on their page can drastically build trust in your brand and increase word-of-mouth.

Creative Guidelines 

Guidelines can communicate a variety of things about the service or brand, both internally to an organization or business, as well as externally to partners, affiliates and the common public. 

The contents within a brand guideline aren’t the same between different companies or industries. Most organizations utilize brand guidelines as an easy guide for stakeholders to understand how to represent the brand both visually and the language to use when talking about the company.

By using consistent branding, customers are instilled with trust in the brand and that trust grows into a good relationship and brand loyalty which is also good for word-of-mouth.

Increasing numbers of businesses are starting branded groups on social media platforms to bolster communication. These groups are specially built for customers and may or may not have a requirement for the members being active customers.

Marketing Approach

Being different is essential if you’re going to try to avoid being just a replica of your competitors. If you want to illustrate the difference between you and them, showcase your personality whenever possible.

Adding videos to your homepage will demand that users to pay attention right away. And once you have their attention you can use videos to tell your brand’s story by featuring your products, services and more.

Consistent social feeds show that your business is active and open to communicating with prospects.

GIFS and memes are a great way to get your message shared out widely which can help you gain traction on your social media posts and ads.

Conducting contests and giveaways is a guaranteed way to get more engagement. They encourage users to involve themselves with your brand which is something every organization wants to have. Offering prizes that have a lot of value for the winner, but the relatively low cost for your organization is a great way to increase ROI and increase brand value in the eyes of your prospects.

Knowledge of Technical Solutions and Services to Acknowledge Buyers

Every person is different and the level of technical understanding differs from person to person. A technical solution explained to a person from an IT field may not be understood by a person from a marketing field, or vice-versa. 

A sales representative should possess complete knowledge of technical solutions and services to accommodate the buyers’ needs in a personalized way that the buyer can understand. This builds a trust factor and can help ease the buyers’ journey.

The main objective here is to make communication simpler and easier and for your existing customers and prospective leads and add a personalized touch.

Never Hesitate to Follow Up 

When a business first opens its doors or launches a new product, the primary focus should be on spreading the word across the market. Once that’s done, if you’ve done the work of tailoring your message, potential customers should start flocking toward your company. But that’s not the end of the journey, for either of you!

No matter how many prospects you have attracted, they will never convert into leads or customers if don’t follow-up with them in a timely manner.

Follow-ups let your prospects know you are interested in working with them and it’ll keep your brand top-of-mind so that yours is the first name to come up with they’re ready to make a purchase.

By reaching out to prospects via a combination of several different methods you can avoid getting lost in the background noise and stay upfront on the minds of your prospects. Reaching out using, emails, phone calls, texts, Facebook and LinkedIn posts, tweets or any other acceptable social contact method is an essential key to finding success– and once mastered will bring awesome results.

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