Are You Taking Advantage of All the Features and Benefits of Your CRM?

Are You Taking Advantage of All the Features and Benefits of Your CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are constantly evolving and businesses are making the implementation of CRM systems into their organizations a major priority – for both start-ups and multinational companies.

The advantage of a CRM system extends beyond running a business and its closely related relationships by facilitating the collection, organization, and management of customer information. From recording and sorting every customer interaction, helping sales automation, to customer segmentation and campaign management, CRM software does it all.

Ideally, a CRM system should help your business improve relationships with existing customers, explore new customers and win back on former customers.

Investing in a modern CRM system has many benefits for businesses of all sizes. Here are a few of them.

Enhances Sales Productivity

CRM stores all important information in one place, for easy access and analysis. From the information about a purchase last made by a customer to the current level of social media engagement, it has eyes on the entire sales pipeline. This helps in closing more deals and increases sales productivity – including a 43% increase in marketing ROI.

A CRM behaves like a central data repository that eliminates the possibility of miscalculations that can further lead to making poor business decisions. Modern CRMs help in creating insightful reports that help the sales team visualize business performance.

Misinterpreted data can be one reason for the failure to meet established sales goals. With a CRM this is made far less likely.

Because it stores all information in one place, the ability to do critical data analysis is greatly improved, providing instant insights.

Bridges the Gap Between Teams

CRM systems bridge the gap between sales and marketing by providing a better way to manage leads. It improves overall work efficiency by helping the sales team find new customers and by automating mundane tasks.

CRM makes data available across departments making it possible for any employee to provide high-quality service.

This results in less wasted time for employees as well as clients as it provides teams the ability to seamlessly work together.

Sales, marketing and customer service teams can now share valuable details about clients and prospects. This is essential to reach sales goals, gather leads, and provide excellent customer service.

Stores Information and Keeps Prospect Data Up-to-Date

Gathering information on customers and developing those prospect relationships is one of the most challenging tasks facing any sales organization. On top of that, the process of keeping customer data accurate doesn’t end once collected – It’s in a constant state of change. 

CRMs, thankfully, allow your organization to store a vast list of your customers and their important information, including your conversations, and makes it easy to keep that information relevant and up-to-date. When past records like purchase history and purchase preferences are stored, it helps sales teams find solutions quickly, making sure customers aren’t waiting for a response. CRMs provide the means to improve customer support as it simplifies repetitive tasks.

And with a CRM in place, you don’t have to worry about losing revenue due to incomplete data – which means a 37% increase in sales revenue.

Simplifies Tasks with Automation

With a CRM in place, data can be collected from multiple sources, including social media channels, and keeps them all organized in one place. CRMs have helped more than 62% of sales organizations improve their customer service and client satisfaction.

A customized central dashboard is home to a variety of important customer and prospect statistics, information and sales goals, and it enables the generation of automatic reports to make reviewing that data simple and easy.

CRMs automatically store communications, allowing sales and marketing teams to instantly view emails and phone call details all in one place.

CRMs also help automate tasks that can take the burden off the shoulders of your sales team freeing them up to have more time to focus on closing deals. The CRM takes care of the details – making all of your teams more efficient.

Ensures Customer Satisfaction

Investing in a high-quality CRM tool is a wise choice for any organization. It takes customer satisfaction to the next level by offering a lot of advantages that help teams understand and assist their clients. The more you know your customers, the more you’ll be able to provide them with a positive experience and in a more personalized manner. 

Customers are the most important part of any business, irrespective of the organization’s size, service, and focus. Hence, customer satisfaction should be one of the major priorities for any company.

Understanding customers and delivering better results for them is one of the most direct paths to high customer satisfaction rates, and the business’s success is highly dependent on the strength of the bond maintained with its customers.

Your CRM is in Good Hands with Flobile

Flobile converts out-of-date, inaccurate data into active prospect profiles that deliver value to businesses and allows them to make confident decisions.

The AI-driven data scientist-developed system purges old data and verifies entries with up to 99% accuracy to empower sales teams with actionable insights. Flobile updates your CRM every 90 days to close loopholes and deliver reports on the findings.

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