8 ways to amplify your personalized digital marketing

8 ways to amplify your personalized digital marketing

By keeping the preferences of your target audience at the forefront of your marketing strategy you can more effectively stay top-of-mind with your prospects, across all multitudes of available channels. With personalized messages you can also more successfullymake your customers feel heard andhave meaningful interactions with your brand, nudging them to convert.

Here are 8 ways to amplify your personalized digital marketing:

1.  Compelling Headlines 

Headlines speak louder than content. Be it a blog, social media ad, or an email, an attractive headline is the key to inviting your customers to read further. Even if you have content reaching multiple prospects, if none of them convert into sales or leads then the investment and the digital marketing efforts that you’ve put in are simply flushed down the drain. Don’t let this happen.

Offer a meaningful or useful headline that sounds personal or urgent which compels your customers to read through your content.

Just make sure the headline stays genuine to your content and avoid clickbait titles.

2.  Attractive Content 

The quality of your content is directly proportional to your success rate, so it’s worth it to go the extra mile with actionable content. With more than 500 million blogs on the internet, it’s easy to fade into the background noise when you don’t employ quality content.  This is just as true with your ad and email content as it is with your blogs.

To provide value, the content should focus on the pain pointsyour customers have been experiencing.

You know what your company’s goal is and you also know what you are expecting to achieve by creating and promoting your content. Brand awareness? More sales in the next quarter? Pick a topic and craft your content from there.

3.  Infographics

While focusing on creating attractive content, we tend to forget one of the most effective pieces of the puzzle – Infographics! 

Content that contains infographics has more of a chance to go viral and create conversions than content that doesn’t.

More than 2 million blogs are posted online every day, and it’s not a simple proposition to just grab a better search engine position. Infographics help boost your SEO and the human brain is more attracted to visual information than textual – scientifically speaking, 90% of the data that enters your brain is visual in nature.

4.  Channelizing

Channelizing enables you to introduce your engagement through various platforms, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google – every channel has its function. You can set out on the right path by customizing the buyer persona and then choose the platform which suits your business best. Imagine you invested a huge sum of money to air your ad on television for a mass audience. Some may show interest and some may not and there’s no way to quantify that data.However, that’s not the case when you channelize your ad because it allows you to accurately set your target audience – those who are likely to show interest in your brand – and pitch your ad only to them. These channels also enable you to hit the bullseye with the use of hashtags and keywords. Targeting provides a better chance for conversion.

5.  Generating web traffic

Generating web traffic is the primary aim of any website. The visitors that come to your website or landing page forms are actively looking for services, products and other information and have a greater likelihood of purchasing your service or product.

Higher targeted traffic has higher conversion rates. Hence, higher sales!

Investing in ‘pay per campaign’ is useful in directing your audience to your website or landing pages, and if your webpage manages to deliver the content they’re looking for you’ll likely end up with visitors who turn into loyal customers! This, in turn, boosts your brand reputation and keeps it top-of-mind when they start sharing information about your brand and service to others.

6.  Paid promotions

Advertising on social media channels gives instant visibility for your brand. The sheer volume of posts on various channels makes connecting with your target audience a statistical improbability.

Paid promotions guarantee a place in the user’s feed. Despite the loud background noise of the larger social media platforms, paid ads can give you a direct window to drive leads and increase sales and website traffic.

To achieve the greatest reach, spot the areas of interest where your audience spends their time online.To maximize your brand’s impression, align your advertising strategy with the behavior patterns of your target audience.

7.  Blogs and videos 

For businesses that have just started to flesh out a marketing strategy, blogging is one of the best marketing tools because there’s a low barrier to entry and potential for a tangible payoff. For any established brand, a blog is an ideal anchor for a multi-faceted marketing strategy – A perfect way to establish a brand voice and be recognized by loyal customers. A good blog speaks of your brand as unique and worth spending time researching.

In today’s digital marketing world, marketers try different ways to attract an audience. One such way is a video blog. As mentioned before, the human brain learns much better using visuals. Incorporating videos along with your blogs – or even creating video versions of your blog posts -can enhance their impact. Informative videos help your target audience better know your brand and entice them to value you as a knowledge leader.

8.  CTA – Call To Action

The call to action is a key element of a webpage that acts as a signpost letting the user know what to do next. Without a clear CTA, the user may not know the next steps to take next – for example making a purchasing or signing up for a newsletter – and is more likely to leave the website without accomplishing the task they initially came to do.

Customers visit a website to find a solution to the problem they are facing and most of the time are confused about what to do to resolve it. A call to action makes it clear to the potential customers visiting the site on which action to take next, helping to remove friction in moving prospects through the sales funnel. 

A CTA at the bottom of a page that asks the visitors to read more articles or to sign-up for an e-mail newsletter encourages them to continue interacting with the site.

Flobile brings you the all in one solution.

We match your target audience according to your brand to the right social media channel in order to hit the bullseye. We have data tracking and analytics tools that let you know every bit of insight to help you follow-up with your customers by keeping them engaged. We provide strategies to increase your conversion rate and ROI through social media marketing. Reach your milestone with Flobile.

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