5 Skills That Will Supercharge Your Buyer Enablement Strategy

5 Skills That Will Supercharge Your Buyer Enablement Strategy

The B2B buyers of today are not like they were even just a few years ago.  B2B buyers are increasingly becoming influenced by their online B2C buying experiences. They expect personalization, immediate fulfillment, and transparency from businesses that are looking to serve them. Many sellers, however, are under the mistaken impression that a b2b buyer does not need their involvement until the end of the buying journey when a buyer is ready to make a purchasing decision – this is decidedly a fallacious impression.

An effective buyer enablementapproach depends on how businesses are heavily strategizing their customer engagement – an approach that covers the entire buyer’s journey.

The 5 skills that help to entice your prospects with a better buyer enablement experience:

1. Opportunity forecasting

Forecasting opportunities allow you to spot potential issues while there’s still time to mitigate or avoid them. Discovering problems now, versus discovering at the end of the quarter, can have a huge impact. Each week, update your sales forecast to see if your team is on the right track to hit their target. Also, daily individual forecasts of your sales reps’ plans will make sure they’re not falling behind. One important point to remember about forecasting is that it will often, if not always, be slightly different from the expected results.

But if you’re using healthy data and have chosen the correct metric, your opportunity forecast will help you drive growth.

2. Roadmap planning

Selling is never easy, but having a road map that guides you from prospect to sale is a great tactic that can help a salesperson of any level. A well-defined sales roadmap helps to define large goals and intermediate goals along the route. To create an effective roadmap, you need to start at your end goal and work backward keeping in mind the production needed to achieve a stated sales goal.

A sales roadmap can be implemented in every business. It can determine the number of leads you need to be interacting with before you make one sale. This number will change and become more accurate over time as you get more experience at setting and achieving your goals.

3. Content knowledge and influencing skill

Does a good content marketing strategy exist in your organization? If yes, you’re in the minority. Research says that only one-third of organizations have clear content knowledge leadership and influencing skills in place.

Influential content helps evolve your relationship with your buyers by using valuable, relevant and unique content that addresses questions the buyers have – all the way from the beginning of their customer journey to the closing of a deal.

Through researching the customer’s personas, the sales team creates content aimed at various stages of the buyer’s journey. This is then used to serve the buyer in a relevant way that directly addresses the buyer’s needs.

4. Product knowledge skill to analyze and recommend

Product knowledge is among the most essential sales skills for any sales rep.  If you have a poor understanding of the product or service you are selling, you won’t be able to effectively communicate a recommendation to a prospect.  Worse yet, you run the risk of alienating potential prospects who may catch on to your lack of understanding, undermining both you and your company.

Understanding your product’s features allows you to accurately and persuasively present their benefits. Customers respond to energetic sales staffs that are passionate about their products and eager to share its benefits.

Customers are more likely to trust a sales-person who shows confidence in what they are selling and this confidence can be built solely by increasing product and service knowledge.

5. Creating attractive presentations – Videos and Chatbots

The human brain is adapted to learn visually and most customers prefer to watch a short video that addresses all their questions rather than spending time doing research or reading blogs. Videos enhance the buyer experience and presenting content through video increases the likelihood of building an in-depth connection with your customers.

In addition to that, incorporating chatbots into the website will increase the amount of time visitors spend browsing your site. An organization needs to connect with buyers at a human level – 65% of customers are emotionally connected to a brand they feel that cares for their needs.

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