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Vioxx - Litigation Report System


This custom application provides decision support to medical litigation cases. The system has been developed in such a way that the data that is entered into the system, based on several criteria and conditions, generates reports for the attorneys that help them fight their cases.

Key Challenges

  • System slow

  • Single admin

  • Non-responsive

  • Supports only single case domain

  • Data loading takes time

  • Non-MVC Pattern

Our Solution

The new system generates reports based on several criteria and conditions, including data related to IUD, to help attorneys fight cases. The new system supports more forms including,

  • Mirena IUD cases

  • VIOXX related cases

  • Improved reports for easy decision making

  • Entry screens with checkbox and drop-down selections

  • Option for multiple admins

  • Improved speed

  • Supports multiple case domain like Vioxx, General law cases and Mirena

  • Faster loading of data using AJAX

  • Responsive design

  • MVC pattern

Technology Involved


  • MVC pattern for efficient organization of system architecture

  • AJAX overcame the page reload issue and resulted in quicker response

  • Achieved case support across multiple domains

  • The system adapts well to mobile devices

  • Extended security feature with multiple levels of logins

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