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Tritek - Legal Case Management Application


Tritek is a Legal Case Management Application primarily used for tracking client information and other legal evidence such as documents, images, audio and video files according to the case.

Key Challenges

  • Very slow system

  • Not user-friendly

  • Slow in executing reports with multiple queries

  • Not able to execute large reports on time

  • Difficult to maintain

Our Solution

Migrated the application to VB.Net using SQL server as backend

  • .Net based application

  • Database and application are in separate layers

  • More secure system

  • Able to quickly handle complex queries and multiple reports at the same time

  • Ability to accommodate multiple users at a time

  • Improved, user-friendly layout

Technology Involved


  • Application layer and database layer were separated

  • Multiple reports can be generated in a single instance

  • Fast and responsive access to the system

  • Improved user-friendly layout

  • Multiple users are able to access at a single time

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