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Photo Imposition Tool


The Photo Imposition Tool was a workflow system developed for a photo printing business to enable automated imposition, printing, and delivery

Key Challenges

  • Photo upload was a manual process

  • Photo imposition was done manually for every image size

  • No integration with the shipping application

  • Order tracking was not possible.

Our Solution

  • The system integrates with the Photo App and FedEx Server for delivery

  • Photos are uploaded to the system along with an XML file containing order description and details

  • The photos are transferred to a server based on the XML file information

  • The Imposition Algorithm starts the process of photo imposition based on the requested size (i.e. 6X4,5X5, 5X7, 8X10)

  • The imposed photos are placed in a single file using the sorting algorithm and are sent for download by the printer

  • The file is downloaded and sent for printing, lamination, cutting, packing, and delivery

  • The status of each phase is updated in the tool and is visible to both the client and admin

  • Status update emails are sent for each update in the tool

  • The delivery details are sent to the FedEx server using the FedEx API and the delivery is tracked

Technology Involved


  • One single application handles the entire process

  • User-friendly shipping module

  • Automated bar code and QR code reader

  • Algorithm for the automated imposition of images based on size

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