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Panera Bread


There are often blind spots in a business’s sales strategy, either from a lack of resources or lack of support and those blind spots can lead to thousands of lost sales per year. This is especially true when the Foodservice industry currently accounts for 51% of the family food dollar - more than double what it was in 1955.

In order to alleviate one of these blind spots, Panera Bread utilized Flobile’s expertise in building prospect databases, email campaign customization, and marketing services to create a new catering customer base where there was previously none.

By doing this not only was Flobile able to demonstrate how much of the market was being missed but were also able to make it easier for those potential prospects to take advantage of the client’s services and provided the business with a metric to measure success.

Flobile Solution Approach

Prospect Database

Flobile’s team of data scientists were able to identify every possible prospect within a 20-mile radius and qualified them based on select criteria. Flobile also verified that all contact data was accurate before adding them to the campaign.

Customer Catering Menu Design

Flobile created a custom catering menu which made the ordering process even easier for the new customers being contacted through the prospect database.

Custom Email Marketing

Flobile created a custom email nurture campaign to usher the collected leads from prospect to customer, all with provable metrics along the journey.


Panera experienced a 2x increase in catering sales for the business throughout the 6-month period Flobile was engaged with the client, and Flobile provided them a roadmap for future catering success.


In order to effectively connect with the maximum number of customers, companies need a partner with the experience, ability, and resources to do the time-consuming task of building an actionable, qualified prospect database. It’s also crucial to have a partner that has the experience to take that data and combine it with expertise in digital marketing to drive those sales home. Flobile combines all of these abilities and more to help companies realize their full sales potential.

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Case studies


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Case studies

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