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Even with a successful company with a business model that works, it’s still possible to get results that don’t meet expectations. It’s a refrain often heard among business owners and can simply be indicative of a lack of experience or resources in a particular area like marketing or lead generation, or a could be a gap in strategy for things like lead nurturing or buyer enablement.

Flobile’s first step in determining solutions in situations like this is to asses where those gaps may be. It’s not a coincidence that, according to Salesforce, 68% of companies have not even made an attempt to measure their sales funnels and almost 79% of marketing leads are never converted into sales finding and filling those gaps is key to building a successful sales strategy.

After a thorough assessment of current strategy, content, and prospect data Flobile was able to partner with the inside sales team so that Flobile’s expertise could be used in critical areas to pave those gaps into a smooth, reliable pathway to success. Flobile cleansed prospect data and implemented data governance to keep that data current, as well as developed an email marketing strategy and buyer enablement tools to assist the buyer’s journey through the sale.


Prospect Database Cleansing

With unmaintained prospect data and no prospect history to speak of, Flobile’s data scientists to do a thorough cleaning and verification of their lead database to make sure contact information was valid and they were reaching the right prospects by improving not only the total number of leads but also the number of qualified leads.

Prospect Database Governance

Flobile utilized our data governance service to make sure their contact data was continuously updated and verified to make sure it retains its integrity over time.

Email Marketing Strategy

Flobile created a customer email nurture strategy as well as developed a custom dashboard to track campaigns with analytics tools to make campaign management decisions easy.

Email ID Verification

Before sending emails Flobile verify that the addresses are valid.

Buyer Enablement

Flobile created buyer enablement tools including to increase awareness, make the buyer’s journey easier, and become a new source of lead generation.


In our initial trial period, we brought in 3x results compared to their existing vendor and afterward were able to sustain a 2x increase on a continuing basis.


Even for established businesses, it makes sense to find a partner who can complement your strengths with expertise in areas that would require a large investment to replicate with an in-house team. Flobile has the resources and expertise in areas like prospect database cleansing and governance, marketing strategy, buyer enablement and more that makes them the reliable partner you need to drive your business’ success to the next level.

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Case studies


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Case studies

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Case studies

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