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Medoc System


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Medoc delivers high-quality health care management services and solutions with controlled costs for the latest medical trends, allowing physicians more time to focus on patient care.

Key Challenges

The prescription management web application was non-compliant and had several coding and logical errors.

  • Browser support issues

  • System random timeout

  • Data loss

  • Outdated look and feel

  • No trace / logs

Our Solution

The application was fully revamped and restructured. All of the logical and coding errors were examined, fixed and recoded in several modules, all with ZERO DOWN TIME. Upgraded the server OS and overall software to the latest versions

  • App speed was doubled over the previous version

  • Enhanced overall security with two-factor and IP-based authentication

  • Scheduled backup and log reviews

  • Weekly version release

  • Documentation for every task carried out

Technology Involved


  • System performance was improved

  • Logical errors in the existing system were removed

  • System speed was increased

  • Two-factor authentication increased the overall security of the system

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