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It’s an inescapable fact there are unfilled niches in every market - some that are glaringly obvious and others that only seem that way after the niche is filled by a savvy entrepreneur. But the fact that only 56% of small businesses make it to their fifth year means it’s also often the case that successfully filling those niches requires more than just a website, a hope, and a prayer.

An entrepreneur in the real estate market had a business idea to serve an unfilled niche but lacked the marketing expertise to bring that idea into reality. As a partner, they were able to use Flobile’s expertise in brand building, content strategy, paid media, SEO and more all to bear in driving the startup website to success.

Flobile handled the development of the site from the ground up, from conception to launch, using their experience in building top-shelf buyer enablement tools to fulfill a need in the market that hadn’t yet been addressed. Flobile became a valuable partner to the entrepreneur and was able to provide him with resources that would have been prohibitively expensive to develop himself.


Custom CRM Development

Flobile provided the expertise and resources for not only custom web and mobile development, but also the development of the backend software to power the site’s buyer enablement tools, which Integrated with email, text message, calendars and more.

Product Launch, Sales and Marketing Strategy

From branding to email marketing to paid media and PR, Flobile handled every aspect of the sales and marketing strategy for the launch of the product.

Content and SEO

No website would be complete without the content to fill it and the SEO to get it properly showing up in search engine results. With the concept from the entrepreneur in hand, Flobile handled all of the rest.


From conception to launch, Flobile handled the heavy lifting to bring this business idea to reality - utilizing resources in web and mobile development, buyer enablement tool development, sales and marketing strategy, and more. Clients in the area who were looking for representation were able to connect to agents and the agents, in turn, saw 30-40% more revenue, making everyone happy.


Sometimes having a great business idea isn’t enough. There are so many moving parts to building a successful business from the ground up that it can often help to partner with a firm that has expertise in areas that you may not necessarily have the resources or ability to bring to your business yourself. Flobile has a proven track record of supporting businesses with expert knowledge in marketing, content, software development and much more - elevating startup businesses to greater levels of success.

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Case studies


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Case studies

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Case studies

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