Case studies

Flobile Data Governance Tool


Flobile utilizes an advanced centralized governance system for a huge repository of data with features to filter information and generate reports with detailed metrics and analytics for decision-making and data-improvement.

Key Challenges

The data was unstructured and spread throughout various sources and marketing activities.

  • Scattered data

  • No option for analytics to drive decision-making

  • Custom reports not available

  • Slow, unresponsive system

  • Multiple databases at multiple locations

Our Solution

A new system was built to integrate the disparate sources of available data, and to provide meaningful metrics and analytics from that data in order to make informed decisions.

  • Integration of various databases

  • Performance improvement for running queries

  • Fetching of segmentation data for decision-making analytics

  • LinkedIn integration to merge contacts with existing data

  • Algorithmic approach in fetching data based on business rules

  • Improvement application speed and responsiveness

Technology Involved


  • Centralized data

  • Quick reports for decision-making

  • Easy, customizable reports

  • Speed improvement

  • Integration with third-party software and applications

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Case studies

Vendor Tree

Vendor Tree utilizes a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based Workflow System solution which is an application that acts as an order and tracking tool. The system eliminates industry defects related to ordering, tracking, quality, process, delivery, and pricing.

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Case studies

Helpfindingmyagent - CRM

An advanced Customer Management System that is integrated into the landing pages to enhance the promotion and management of Real Estate agents and their businesses. The solution has options for agents to update their status and call records and has an advanced reporting system to create campaign-based reports.

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Case studies

Vizi 360

Vizi 360 is a tool that enables attorneys to review all levels and aspects of a patient’s medical records and summary using a unique timeline system. The user has options to edit data and track all data changes within the timeline system.

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