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Direct Seats


Directs Seats, established in 2002 is a Dallas- based ticket brokerage. With over 80,000 events worldwide, Direct Seats maintains on-time delivery and a premium customer experience. Their competitive edge allows any user to quickly find an event of any kind and make a purchase up to an hour before with 100% authentication guaranteed.

Key Challenges

The system had a poor user experience due to slow response for users booking tickets, and the admin found it too time-consuming to manage the website.

  • The existing ticket-booking system was very slow

  • The map selection was not accurate

  • Very difficult to select tickets based on geography

  • No discount options available

  • Not mobile-friendly

Our Solution

  • One integrated solution for both Web and Mobile users

  • Options to segregate Tickets based on Geographical area

  • Advanced control panel to set discounts

  • Each event has the option to set a Banner image

  • Calendar option made available

Technology Involved


  • Sales quickly increased within the first three months, averaging $15 million monthly.

  • By six months customer acquisition cost decreased by 50%.

  • Direct Seats has maintained a trustworthy relationship with its customers who remain loyal and engaged.

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