Why an interactive website could be a deal-breaker for 21st century businesses?

Why an interactive website could be a deal-breaker for 21st century businesses?

For a business, a website is everything. It determines your conversion rate and customer base. It’s more like a business card that you hand out to the digital world. To achieve success in the digital marketplace, it’s important to have a competitive website.

One way to achieve this is by creating an interactive website. They lead the charge when it comes to effective, powerful online marketing.

Here are a few things that an interactive website can offer you:

Interactive content

Interactive websites allow the user to interact with the content in some or another. This may involve a form that allows a user to submit comments or feedback, or a contact form which a user fills and submits to the site owner.

Having useful information that catches the eye in terms of design is important to draw attention to that content. Interactive infographics are one way to visually display information in a useful, informative, and interesting way. Feedback or rating systems are also a good way to have visitors interact with the site, and it’s important to keep content refreshed from time to time as well. Using social media is yet another way to get users involved with your brand even when if they’re not consistent visitors to your website.

This lets you have multiple options to share news and events with your prospects as well as their friends and families.

Connects with customers and gets customer commitment

You show your users your intent to interact with them when you create an interactive website. Establishing this kind of personalized connection with customers is essential to building relationships from the start. It correspondingly sets up the standard for personalized marketing efforts. In general, personalized marketing is much more effective than general campaigns. Customers prefer engaging with a business or brand in a transparent, intimate way. They’ll be far more interested in following a brand that shows interest in them and, conversely, they’re sure to avoid brands that simply make a sales pitch.

You can tailor your marketing campaigns for your audience by using the data obtained from your interactive site. Based on this data, you can easily provide product recommendations for some customers. This retains existing customers and can inform their purchase decisions.

It can be hard to persuade customers to commit to your business or brand solely through the website. Interactive websites can be much more successful in getting the commitment you need by consistently engaging visitors, either by asking them to post content or providing profile information. These engaged visitors are more likely to return to that website at a later time.

Because these visitors have invested their personal information and time on your site, chances are high that they might even refer your site to others. Customer commitment such as this is invaluable when it comes to lead nurturing.

Maximizes your Google ranking and gets you noticed

Brand visibility is everything, irrespective of the industry and its size. Most marketing efforts are all about getting your business in front of customers’ eyes. More brand visibility, the higher the chances of growing a customer base.

Websites are ranked based on their level of authority. Sites with authority have solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO), local citations, are optimized for mobile users, and incorporate rich content.

You’ll rise to the top in search listings with a higher Google ranking. People are more likely to click on first-page listings which is why businesses covet these high rankings. When Google identifies you as having a healthy network of backlinks, with an interactive website, it results in a higher rank.

Boosting your digital authority means getting more organic traffic. This leverages the on-going SEO campaigns and maximizes ROI on digital marketing efforts.

It ups the chances of more shares and more conversions by driving valuable traffic to your site.

Customers are hungry to find brands that lead the industry. An interactive site can help your brand get noticed in this way.

Drives conversion rates

Interactive websites typically have lower bounce rates – A bounce rate is the number of people immediately leaving the site after navigating to it. High bounce rates can result from a lack of optimization, uninteresting content, poor web design, or a combination of all three. Also, if visitors have fun when they stop by your site, they’ll be more likely to stick around. 

The more you know about each person, the better equipped you’ll be to be able to help them. You can intelligently provide advertisements, products, or information that is more relevant to them. This is a win-win situation for everyone. Your visitors see the things they are more likely to want and, in parallel, you get more business.

If visitors feel engaged and impressed by your website, they may be more likely to make a purchase decision. This leads to a higher conversion rates and a higher conversion rate represents overall higher profit margins.

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