Videos Enhance Prospect Engagement Across the Board

Videos Enhance Prospect Engagement Across the Board

Creating video content isn’t very different from producing an effective blog post. The major difference realistically is that an audience tends to retain 95% of the content from a video while only retaining 10% from text-based content.

Viewers can absorb a lot of information in a short amount of time – nearly 65% of people consider themselves visual learners.

Millions of people consume video content over the internet every minute, from sources like YouTube, Twitch, and other various streaming services. It’s no secret that is now an integral part of our daily lives.

According to research, 80% of the content on the internet will be video by the end of 2020. 81% of businesses also use video as a major part of their marketing toolkit.

Telling the story through video increases the likelihood of building trust and an in-depth connection to your prospects.

And when it comes to decision-makers, having video content in your repertoire enhances the buyer experience and helps buyers do their research and make purchasing decisions.

Why incorporate video?

Today’s customers prefer going through the initial part of the buying process on their own. To engage with these types of customers doing their initial research, it helps if your company has a series of explainer videos to guide them along the way.

According to a survey, 96% of B2B organizations use video in at least some areas of their marketing campaigns.

In an environment where B2B buyers are increasingly having their buying preferences influenced by their B2C experiences, they also increasingly prefer to do research on their own, unaided by sales staff, and tend to look for videos that address their needs rather than reading through blog posts and one-sheets. It also helps that videos appeal to mobile users much more than reading blogs and PDFs.

A video that conveys your company’s values and solves a problem for the prospect can hold more weight and make a positive impression on your audience, helping to ensure that if a prospect starts searching for products or services – your brand will be among them.

This formula is great for driving new traffic to your site and is great for sharing on social media, building brand and are a great way to boost SEO ranking as well – videos embedded your website can boost traffic by 55%.

Make the buyer’s journey easy and engaging

A good video marketing strategy is a combination of video marketing funnel and analytics. Each stage of the buyer’s journey is categorized into three stages: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

To nurture leads through video campaigns, it’s vital to figure out your prospect’s areas of interest by tracking analytics.

Tracking the viewing analytics of your videos will enlighten the sales and marketing teams about the topics of most interest to your audience. This comes in quite handy while making sales calls making conversations more valuable and helping to close deals.

Many companies also embed videos directly on their landing page. A CTA at the end of the video can influence visitors to stay on the site and can increase conversion by 80%. Videos embedded in an email increase the click-through rate by 200% – 300%.

Most importantly, creating videos that include testimonials and success stories play a big part in showing viewers what a buying experience could look like for them when if they ultimately decide to make a purchase from you.

Create a Prospect Data-Driven Buyer Enablement Strategy

Flobile helps sales teams create an engaging buyer journey to create a fluid conversation with qualified prospects. The innovative B2B buyer enablement process can lead to a 20% increase in sales opportunities and conversions.

Using a data scientist-developed AI system, Flobile allows businesses to build a meaningful relationship with their target audiences and create effective buyer journeys through omnichannel experiences. 

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