How Social Media Increases Brand Awareness

You want your brand to be a household name.

This is every business’s dream but getting there can be a challenge.

This goal takes time and dedication and just because you use social media does not make you an expert, if your brand is not in front of the right customers, it’s better to take a step back and create a marketing roadmap that illustrates how you will build your brand and how you will gain your ideal customers.

Keep Your Brand Consistent Throughout All Media Channels

To increase brand awareness, you will want your brand on major media channels. Make sure that your logos and bio are consistent throughout all media channels. Users will notice any inconsistency and this will create confusion leaving your products and services unappealing and followers losing interest in you.

Social media is about reaching out to a large range of people and in order to do this successfully, being consistent will allow you to maximize this ability.

Keeping track of a calendar full of posts for social media will help you illustrate to your customers your brand’s story and enable you to create an emotional connection.

Connect with Your Customers on an Emotional Level

Since we are in the world of technology, communicating through our devices, businesses can benefit by increasing their lead generation and building their brand.

Social media can really be a smart tool that enables you to be in the now moment of your customer’s current conversations.

Customers want to feel listened to not feel like businesses are shoving information in their face daily. Social media enables businesses to be pushed in front of prospects and allows them to see how the business’s products/services can better their business practices. Customers will be more likely to buy from organizations when they have a trustworthy and respected relationship.

Being Everywhere at Once Doesn’t Always Mean Success

Unless you have the ability to spend managing your social media channels simultaneously, it is more effective to put your focus on media channels where your ideal customers interact the most.

This will require social profiling so you know how to build on your brand. For example, if you are looking for the best B2B lead generation, you would choose LinkedIn. If you were looking to appeal to specialists in the Technology industry, you would choose Google+.

Share A Coke

An example that proves social media can be a great tool, if done correctly, to increase brand awareness is one of the most recognizable brands; Coca Cola.

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A brand that is known by everyone all over the globe, except for Cuba and North Korea, spent $26.7 billion back in 2006 on advertising, making them one of the first companies to spend more on their marketing than any other product.

By creating “Share a Coke” campaign, Coca Cola captured the essence of a what marketing was truly about.

Through infiltrating social media, retail spaces, and other marketing areas, the campaign incorporated personalized coke bottles and cans with top millennial names and popular sayings used by the demographic in the United States.

The campaign brought in a 2.5% increase of total sales and saw their soft-drink volume increase by 0.4%.

The results proved that people love to see their names on branded products but the campaign had a much deeper message than that and social media played a major role in propelling the brand’s message even further.

Coca Cola encouraged people who found their name on a coke bottle to share it with the hashtag #ShareaCoke.

This type of behavior was a means to spread brand awareness through all social channels; people who saw their friends with a personalized coke bottle were more inclined to interact with brand.

The campaign even went further by creating a gift giving message in parallel to their Share a Coke message, enabling people to come together. The results successfully proved their campaign to be one best campaigns that had ever been executed.

Moving Forward

As we look to 2018, social media is gaining traction and communication online is becoming a way of life.

Paying for advertisements is a smart investment that will strengthen your brand presence however, this will come after you have strategically prepared your marketing roadmap. Paid advertising is a proven way to see a return on your investment and turn leads into customers.

If you don’t know how to utilize social media to gain lead conversions, that’s okay. We are here to help.

Flobile is a dynamic agency specialized in customer profiling and strategic planning to position your brand to be successful. If you are interested in learning more, please click the button below.

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