How Are You Winning The Competition?

68% of marketing leaders say their company is increasingly competing on the basis of customer experience.

If this is the case, how are you winning the competition?

Would you say that your customer prospects are engaging with you in the way that you expect? These may seem like the obvious questions to answer.

But we should delve a bit deeper on what is truly driving your customer experience.

The real question is,
“Who is your customer? Is the experience you are providing connecting with them?”

How Are You Winning The Competition?
The critical value of accurate customer profiles on revenue priming is grossly underestimated. Customer profiling is the result of internal and external research that drives strategic customer acquisition.

Resource-deprived marketing teams are unable to thoroughly and accurately collect key data assets to ensure their customer profiles closely align with their distinct customer demands, as well as, their unique sales funnel dynamics.

How Are You Winning The Competition?

If customer profiles are even derived, they are done in haste and only reflect a very subjective picture of who they want their customer to be or who they think they are. In essence, they are creating customer profiles around assumptions and biases.

Unfortunately, this inaccuracy means that their strategies are void of true data or research and therefore invalid. This could result in lead to customer defects, customer dissatisfaction or no engagement at all.

Time and focus is necessary to adequately characterize your customer prospects and their impact on their corporate decision-making process. You discovery must reveal you customer’s individual preferences, needs and behaviors associated with what you offer. Hence all the information and data should be validated through existing and prospective customer interviews, competitive customer analysis and industry trends.

We get it. Time is limited. Time is money.

How Are You Winning The Competition?

We also get the sweet spot of developing customer profiles that drive and conquer customer acquisition.

Our Flobile team can fill in the gap on your behalf. Through our proven proprietary process, we offer accurate “plug and play” customer profiles, followed by qualified prospect generation and a powerful, customized nurturing sequence to get you moving with momentum of a competitive customer experience and ultimately more efficient customer conversion.

Krista Medlock


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