Planet CoCo

As an unrecognized brand, Planet CoCo challenged us to grow their customer base. With a refined position, our strategy team provided clarity and value to key customer targets.

A website redesign and new digital strategy broadened reach and refreshed the customer experience. From a new brand strategy and identity to precise marketing implementation, our team aligned the stars for an early return on investment in just four short weeks.



Planet CoCo was established in 2008 and is a family owned business that first started as a manufacturer of CoCo peat products in North, Texas with their production facility in Tamil Nadu, southern India. Through the years, the organization has built a strong foundation for the coco industry and has become a true innovator in coconut coir based products as a result.


Planet CoCo has dedicated themselves in providing premium and sustainable coir products to each customer’s needs. To ensure each product is delivered without compromising the quality, the organization puts into place a quality control process while products are thoroughly examined and tested.

Designing a New Roadmap

As a small-scale business, Planet CoCo needed to have a way to reach consumers globally while maintaining a personable brand. The business knew they needed to have a strong strategic plan to grow their customer base. However, a variety of opinions about which direction the business should go in, would create a roadblock for the business moving forward.

Planet Coco chose us to be their marketing partner to increase sales and redesign of their website and marketing materials. We chose to rename the business and secure a new domain name. We built a custom website with easy navigational tools that allowed users the ability to easily attain information and provide quick access to check out. We wanted customers to also have a way to access the website on any device at anytime, so we created a custom mobile responsiveness.


We pushed the message forward that Planet CoCo was a renewable resource, environmentally friendly, and had great potential for the global market. By creating an attractive look that would grab the customer’s attention, the website would be utilized as their entire campaign. We positioned the marketing materials to coincide with the website, delivering a consistent message throughout the entire brand.

What we did

  • Key customer targets
  • Website redesign
  • Bigital strategy broadened reach
  • Refreshed the customer experience
  • Brand strategy and identity
  • Marketing implementation

A Quick Return on Investment

In four short weeks, Planet CoCo saw an immediate return on investment. We consulted Planet CoCo on resale and wholesale strategy with 50% focusing on wholesale.

Through Planet CoCo’s success, we demonstrated our expertise and enhanced their revenue.


Planet CoCo’s resale and wholesale was focused on 50% of each.

By the end of the project, we increased their customer base by providing a fresh customer experience and enhanced the business’s credibility.