Medical Legal Spider

Medical Legal Spider’s focal-point was creating an automated solution to dynamic business challenges. We created a disruptive campaign strategy that incited action and trust among individuals with busy professional lifestyles.

We proved that email and telemarketing campaigns are highly effective given proper implementation. As a result, the brand has experienced 55% growth each year and obtained over 900 clients in a very difficult and discretionary legal market.



Established in 2007, Medical Legal Spider provides litigation support to high power attorneys, and independent medical evaluators. The organization takes raw, unsystematic medical records and transforms them into simple, organized medical files that are in a unique format specific to a firm.


Medical Legal Spider’s focal-point is creating value around solutions to dynamic business challenges. By focusing on the value of solutions, the organization leverages technology to offer IT Enabled Document Review that is easily met to any business’s specific formatting and data extraction requirements which also allows, at the same time, a decrease in the business’s cost.

The organization specializes in transforming medical document review from a difficult intensive task to an efficient driven outsourced solution. Medical Legal Spider offers unique tools to provide the right informed litigation decision to be made which is all based on available medical documentation.

By partnering with their clients, Medical Legal Spider is able to reduce costs and overhead, while giving skilled staff the full advantage of their core competencies. This system enables scalable and flexible options that allow client firms to take on challenging cases or tremendous amount of medical records.


Medical Legal Spider chose to partner with us to design their entire brand and implement a marketing strategy.

The website allowed users to be educated through videos and content while navigating them through the site in a matter of a couple of clicks. We took a step further and developed a custom mobile friendly application that end-users could easily have access to at any time, no matter the device.

Testing Strategies

Challenges quickly rose as Medical Legal Spider began. In order to lay down a roadmap and set long term goals for the organization, research needed to be conducted to analyze and test solutions to see what would work best.

Several campaigns were put together by us to see which one would suit Medical Legal Spider. We created a telephone, direct mail, email, and paid media campaigns. Parallel to the campaigns that were launched, we also deployed inbound marketing tactics and leverage trade conferences for additional exposure.

What we did

  • Telephone campaign
  • Email campaign
  • Direct Mail
  • Paid Media
  • Trade Shows and Conferences

Proven Results

We found that the email campaigns were the most successful and have contributed much of their achievements through email campaigns. Medical Legal Spider continuously grows with 55% and above per year.

The brand has experienced


growth each year

Within 3 years

we supported the growth from


Customers to



Within 8 months, Medical Legal Spider was propelled into the competitive market

and was able to see an

Early ROI

as soon as the brand launched.