Cultivating Power for

Long-Term Growth

The Incubator Program is designed for strategy building and targeted projects. We will ensure that a strong, brand strategy is in place and the execution plan is well established. Our focus will be on 2 - 3 marketing tactics to gain higher visibility, richer brand engagement and strong, continuous traction of customer leads to build upon for the long-term.

Common Challenges of this Growth Stage:
Are you facing 2 or more of these issues?

  • Human capital

  • Channel understanding or identification

  • Tracking mechanisms

  • Long term plan - very reactive

  • Cash flow

  • Brand in-consistency

  • Customer referral system

  • Gap between electronic/digital media

  • Technology integration

  • Continuous education

  • Collaboration


  • Clear direction and goals
  • Prioritizing business objectives
  • Igniting financial performance
  • Marketing management resources

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