Established in 2009, ERP Logic is a global SAP cloud-based solutions company that offers software implementation and application services. ERP Logic invests in organizations to increase operational capabilities by maximizing their IT investment with unique services that respond to changes in their business environment. ERP Logic’s focal point is on the cloud with experts specialized in maximizing SAP Business ByDesign Solution Imple mentations on a domestic or global scale.

For small to mid-size organizations, ERP Logic delivers cost-effective, dynamic, and fully integrated cloud-based solutions to support any organization and give clear control over the financial and operations for more accurate decision-making. ERP Logic improves organization’s ROI and IT investments by offering unique implementation and consulting services for the SAP ERP application.


Discovering a Message

ERP Logic realized that their ideal clients’ decision makers are constantly busy. Delivering an on-line experience to establish credibility and the organization’s project credentials in only a few seconds would be a challenge. They would need to develop an extremely friendly custom mobile website for smart devices with performance criteria of loading in 3 seconds or less to demonstrate ERP's mobile solution capabilities. The website would also need to utilize an easy to use Content Management System in order for the company's internal technical team to upload content and effectively manage all Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.


The business was continuously focusing on demonstrating their domain expertise and the proprietary solutions' software ERP Logic licenses. The next challenge they would encounter would be developing a website that would be customizable to every client of theirs. Without a clear message through the website, ERP Logic would lose the focus of their clients.

We knew it would be a good fit when ERP Logic reached out to us due to their flexibility geographically and their experience and expertise in small to medium organizations. We worked closely with ERP Logic to provide a visually enhanced corporate website that would suit the organization as well as SAP Solutions, and end-users. For each page, we utilized unique keywords and added landing pages for free downloads with additional segments of client success stories.

When we developed the website, we wanted to make sure we allowed ERP Logic’s users to easily navigate and collect information with a “3-Click Strategy”. This meant each end-user would be able to reach their target ERP Logic product with solution information and project related portfolio within 3 clicks. Wherever the end-user clicked, we reassured the searcher of relevant next stop options. This strategy would help guide the users where they want to be while not using the back button.


We collaborated with ERP Logic to design a powerful content strategy geared to flow from SAP client’s perspective. We wanted to make sure that the users would be able to recognize ERP Logic’s knowledge in their industry, the challenges, and the needs of their business, while they enjoy a unique experience.

It’s All in the Design

The business gained an impressive return on investment within 60 days. End-users were able to easily refer to their website for all client portfolios and by creating an easy way to navigate through the website, ERP Logic’s clients learned about more options for SAP products and ERP solutions. This resulted in an upsell of opportunities. We highlighted client successes on the website that demonstrated ERP Logic’s domestic and global expertise and experience. Our custom mobile website gave prospective customers a unique navigation experience while loading the websites on all mobile devices. After the successful redesign, ERP Logic’s website conversion rate increased by 200%.

Return on investment within

60 days

After the successful redesign, ERP Logic’s website conversion rate increased by 200%.